E-Tech Drives Story

Excellence in Electric Marine Propulsion

At E-Tech Drives, our journey in redefining boat propulsion systems has been both transformative and storied. We started our venture as a boat manufacturer in 2000, and as the years progressed, we identified the gaps and inefficiencies in traditional propulsion boat systems. This recognition set us on a path to innovation.

Our Legacy

E-Tech’s legacy traces back to the dawn of the millennium when we commenced our operations as a boat manufacturer. Just four years into our venture, in 2004, we unveiled our first prototype of the POD technology engine, showcasing our dedication to cutting-edge technology. By 2008, our commitment and relentless bore fruit as we launched our first product for the market. Today, with a footprint in 45 countries and more then 1,000 motors sailing worldwide, E-Tech stands as a testament to dedication, innovation, and trust.

Leading the Electric Revolution

E-Tech is a trailblazer in the global boat electric motors market. Our diverse range of engines, spanning 4kW to 35kW, cater to a broad spectrum of marine enthusiasts and professionals. Our pioneering introduction of brushless, synchronous permanent magnet motor technology has set new benchmarks in the industry.

Why E-Tech Stands Out

Our innovations bring to the fore several distinct advantages:

  • Zero Maintenance: Our brushless design eliminates regular maintenance.
  • Peak Performance: Power and efficiency lie at the heart of every E-Tech motor.
  • Compact Design: Ensuring optimal space utilization without sacrificing power.
  • Unrivalled Power: Torque and power that redefine expectations.
  • Customization: At E-Tech, we understand the unique needs of each vessel and their owners.

Furthermore, E-Tech motors can transition into generators, aiding in battery charging during sailing or in hybrid mode, thereby extending range of the vessel. 

Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding the unique needs of each client and vessel, E-Tech is adept at customizing engines. With our manufacturing base in Poland, precision and excellence are embedded in every unit we produce. E-Tech is not just about motors; it represents a holistic system, rooted in the advanced technology of our BLDC motors. Our comprehensive kits ensure hassle-free installations.

Innovation at the Helm

Our POD technology engines, designed for immersion, have revolutionized marine propulsion. For those keen on transitioning from older diesel engines, E-Tech WG engines facilitate a seamless and swift transition. Our adaptable mounting systems guarantee a perfect fit for every boat.

Join E-Tech’s voyage and be a part of the future of boat propulsion. Together, let’s shape an industry that’s both powerful and sustainable.

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