E-Tech Electric POD Drives

Excellence in Electric Marine Propulsion

Key Features:

  • High Torque & Efficiency BLDC PM Technology: Benefit from up to 90% efficiency across the propulsion system, no maintenance requirements, and seamless Plug & Play installation.
  • Universal 1:10 Taper Shaft and Counter Rotating Propellers: Designed for optimal performance, compatibility, and balance, ensuring smooth sailing for every sailor.
  • Customization and Diagnostics via Bluetooth: Control, customize, and monitor your drive system effortlessly using an Android app.
  • Regeneration Function: Each motor can be equipped with a unique regeneration function. This allows your batteries to recharge while you’re sailing, maximizing your boat’s operational duration.
  • Hybrid Setup Compatibility: If you’re using another motor, our system can operate in a hybrid setup, ensuring consistent battery recharging.

Regular POD Motors vs. High Torque PODH Motors


Regular POD Motors:
Our standard POD motors are designed to cater to a variety of boats, striking a balance between power and efficiency:

  • Power Range: From 4kW to 15kW.
  • Voltage Range: Operates between 48V to 72V.
  • Applications: Best suited for small to medium-sized boats, providing efficient propulsion for typical boating activities.
  • Benefits: These motors offer a mix of power and efficiency, suitable for general boating requirements.

High Torque PODH Motors:
The PODH motors are tailored for larger vessels, offering enhanced torque and efficiency:

  • Power Range: Ranging from 10kW to 35kW.
  • Voltage Range: Works across a span of 48V to 144V.
  • Applications: Specifically designed for sizable vessels that demand more power and torque. These motors cater to the challenges presented by bigger boats, ensuring smooth and effective cruising.
  • Benefits: Enhanced torque, better efficiency, and the ability to handle the demands of larger vessels. The expanded voltage range also offers flexibility in battery configurations and extended operational range.

    Choose the right motor depending on your vessel’s size, power needs, and desired battery configuration. If you’re unsure or need guidance, please contact us or utilize our motor selector tool for tailored recommendations.

    Advanced Motor Customization and Diagnostics via Bluetooth


    Our E-Tech electric drives are not just about raw power — they’re also about giving boat owners unparalleled control and insight into their propulsion system. With our dedicated Android app connected via Bluetooth, users get the following capabilities:

    • Motor Direction Control: Easily switch the motor’s direction of rotation based on your requirements.

    • Adjustable Recharging: By modifying the drag settings, users can adjust the recharging function. Increasing the drag leads to enhanced recharging capabilities.

    • In-depth Diagnostics: Dive deeper than the standard display data. Check for any potential issues, interpret error messages, and even rectify them with the guidance of a specialist.

    • RPM Limiting: Perfect for those who charter their boats or just want more consistent performance from dual motor setups.

      • Protection from Overuse: Ensure renters or users don’t push the motor to its extremes, preserving its lifespan.
      • Extend Range: By reducing the maximum RPM, you inherently consume less power, which can lead to longer journeys on a single charge.
      • Precise Dual Motor Synchronization: In a two-motor setup, equalize the RPM of both units for a smoother, more efficient ride.

    Standard Shaft & Counter-Rotating Propellers: The Perfect Pairing


    Universal 1:10 Shaft Taper:

    Boat owners and enthusiasts no longer need to wrestle with compatibility concerns. Our motors are designed with precision and adaptability in mind. With a universally accepted 1:10 shaft taper, they effortlessly align with a broad spectrum of propellers. For those with motors ranging from 4kW to 7kW, a 25mm shaft is provided, while motors from 10kW to 35kW come with a 30mm shaft. This design choice not only broadens your propeller choices but also streamlines the installation process, making your boating preparations hassle-free.

    Counter Rotating Propellers:

    When two of our E-Tech drives grace a boat, they don’t just work in isolation. They harmonize. Our standard installation ensures they’re set for counter-rotation, bestowing your boat with a slew of benefits:

    • Balanced Steering: Navigate waters with precision. The counter-rotating propellers effectively neutralize torque steer, a common challenge with twin-engine setups having propellers spinning identically.
    • Enhanced Maneuverability: Whether you’re cruising at leisurely speeds or testing the limits, this setup ensures top-tier boat handling. The responsive nature of counter-rotation translates to a ride that’s not just fast, but also smooth and controlled.
    • Efficiency Reimagined: Experience the thrill of boating with an efficiency boost. Counter-rotating propellers optimize water flow dynamics, potentially amplifying propulsion efficiency and overall performance.

    E-Tech Electric Drives: Navigating Towards a Greener Future


    Switching to E-Tech electric drives offers not just a silent and smoother operation but also contributes significantly to protecting our environment. Here are some of the environmental benefits you enjoy when you choose our electric drives:

    • Zero Emissions: Our electric drives are zero-emission, helping to reduce air and water pollution. Unlike gasoline and diesel engines, there’s no risk of oil leaks that can contaminate water sources, ensuring a clean and environmentally-friendly boating experience
    • Noise Reduction: Enjoy a quieter boating experience, reducing noise pollution in our waterways and allowing for a more peaceful interaction with nature.
    • Energy Efficiency: E-Tech drives are designed to be highly energy-efficient, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly boating experience.
    • Renewable Energy Integration: Our systems are compatible with renewable energy sources, allowing for the potential integration of solar panels or wind turbines to charge your batteries. Additionally, our recharging function enables batteries to be replenished while sailing, providing an extra layer of sustainability to your boating experience. Together, these features not only promote a sustainable boating journey but also contribute significantly in reducing your carbon footprint.

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