E-Tech Electric POD Outboard Drives

Excellence in Electric Marine Propulsion

Mounting & Steering Essentials:

  • Material & Customization: Both the outboard bracket and the POD motor mounting shaft are crafted from durable stainless steel. By default, they’re designed to fit the CMC Trim & Tilt but can also be tailored in size and length to meet specific vessel requirements
  • Rotation & Steering: The motor can potentially rotate up to 180°. Actual rotation is determined by the chosen steering system, typically allowing 30°-35° in either direction. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a custom or non-standard steering solution.
  • Mounting Flexibility: Users can opt to integrate the bracket with a CMC trim and tilt device or attach it permanently to the transom.
  • Additional Equipment Options: The bracket’s design accommodates various trim units or jack plates, enhancing versatility. For outboard-style steering, an additional outboard tilt tube is required.
  • Custom Angle Adapter: A custom adapter, tailored for specific vessels, is available to achieve the optimal motor angle.
    E-Tech, Outboard POD, 7kW 48V DC, Electric Boat Motor

    Key Features

    • High Torque & Efficiency BLDC PM Technology: Benefit from up to 90% efficiency across the propulsion system, no maintenance requirements, and seamless Plug & Play installation.
    • Universal 1:10 Taper Shaft and Counter Rotating Propellers: Designed for optimal performance, compatibility, and balance, ensuring smooth sailing for every sailor.
    • Customization and Diagnostics via Bluetooth: Control, customize, and monitor your drive system effortlessly using an Android app.
    • Regeneration Function: Each motor can be equipped with a unique regeneration function. This allows your batteries to recharge while you’re sailing, maximizing your boat’s operational duration.
    • Hybrid Setup Compatibility: If you’re using another motor, our system can operate in a hybrid setup, ensuring consistent battery recharging.

    E-Tech Electric POD Drives: Technical Specifications


    Motor Power: Ranging from 4kW for lighter applications to a potent 35kW for demanding conditions. Whether you’re cruising coastal waters or venturing into the open sea, there’s an E-Tech drive calibrated for your needs.

    Operating Voltage: Our versatile drives can operate across a broad voltage spectrum from 48V to 144V, ensuring compatibility with a range of power sources and setups.

    Battery Compatibility: The beauty of our system lies in its adaptability. While there’s no limit to battery size, it’s essential to note that the voltage should align with the motor’s nominal system. Our system boasts flexibility by accommodating batteries that may have higher or lower voltages than nominal. However, any deviation should be consulted with a specialist to ensure optimal performance and safety.

    E-Tech POD Outboard: A Complete Propulsion Solution

    Making the transition from conventional to electric boating has never been easier. Unlike other offerings in the market, where essential components like displays and throttles come as separate, often costly add-ons, our drives systems provide a holistic propulsion kit. With our complete system, the only external components you’ll need are batteries, chargers, and propellers. Everything else is bundled for your convenience:
    1. E-Tech Motor: The heart of the system, engineered for unmatched performance and efficiency.
    2. Motor Controller: A dedicated device ensuring optimal motor control, responsiveness, and safety.
    3. Throttle Options: Choose from top or side-mounted single throttles. For dual-engine setups, a double throttle is available, ensuring synchronized power delivery.
    4. Digital Display: Real-time feedback at your fingertips, from battery levels to motor metrics.
    5. Ignition System: Equipped with a secure key mechanism, ensuring both safety and ease of use.
    6. Connectivity Cables: Two data cables provided for effortless connection between the throttle, display, and controller.
    7. Display Power Cable: Connecting the controller and display, this cable ensures the screen stays powered and ready in standby mode.
    8. External Battery Fuse: Enhancing the safety profile of the system.
    9. Main Switch: Centralized control for the entire propulsion system.
    10. Propulsion Essentials: Each kit includes a propeller washer, nut, and a ZINC anodes to safeguard against electrolytic corrosion.
    11. *Charging Function Switch: An optional component, this switch is included when the controller is equipped with a charging function. It allows users to harness the engine’s energy for charging onboard batteries.
    Outboard bracket POD 4kW -15kW

    Outboard Mounting Set:

    • Main POD Mount Shaft: Made of stainless steel, secures the steering handle, facilitating movement within the bracket tube. This design permits easy installation or removal of the pod from the outboard bracket.
    • Outboard Bracket with Rudder Tube: Crafted from stainless steel for optimal durability, this bracket ensures that the outboard remains in an optimal position during operation. The incorporated rudder tube, acts as the pivotal junction for steering purposes.
    • Steering Handle: Made of stainless steel, designed for easy connection to prevalent steering systems.
    • Washer: Made of a special self-lubricating material, ensuring effortless sliding of the handle.
    • Rudder tube Nuts (2): Made of stainless steel, specifically crafted to secure the bearings in place.
    • Rudder Tube Bearings (2): Crafted from the same self-lubricating material as the washer, they guarantee a fluid rotational movement within the tube.
    • Screws: Made from high-quality stainless steel, these screws provide unmatched durability and a firm grip, ensuring all parts of the set remain tightly integrated even in saline conditions.

    Customization At Its Best


    Each E-Tech order is tailored to fit the unique specifications of your vessel. To provide a seamless fit and exceptional performance, we offer a variety of customization options:

    • Motor Mount Customization: Get the perfect fit for your boat’s structure.

    • Cable Lengths: Adapted to ensure tidy and efficient installations.

    • Skeg Removal: Upon request, we can remove the skeg from the POD motor to better match your boat’s design.

    • Battery Compatibility: Adaptable to various sizes.

    • More Custom Options: Our versatility doesn’t end here. If you have other specific needs or unique configurations in mind, please contact us directly. We pride ourselves in turning your specific requirements into reality.

    Every order is intricately tailored to a specific vessel, ensuring an impeccable match. As such, production times may vary based on individual customization requests. Yet, this is just a glimpse of the possibilities. If you have unique requirements or ideas, or simply wish to explore more customization options, please discuss with us. We’re more than happy to explore further possibilities and bring your vision to life!

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