E-Tech 7 POD - 7kW/48V

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21 hp - equivalent
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The E-Tech 7 POD, a saildrive replacement, offers powerful electric boat propulsion with 7kW of output at 48V. Upgrade to eco-friendly and efficient boating with this innovative saildrive replacement motor system.

This motor's performance is comparable to a 21hp engine*.

*This equivalence is based on anticipated performance when juxtaposed with a standard internal combustion engine. The motor's actual power is rated exclusively in kW.

Worry free shopping: All order details, such as cable length and other specifics, can be adjusted post-purchase. One of our specialists will contact you to clarify all requirements, including throttle type, cable lengths, and other details.

Orders for POD motors are typically dispatched within 2-4 weeks. For the latest shipping information or any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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Learn More About the E-Tech POD Fixed Motors

Complete motor set includes:
  • E-Tech Motor
  • Motor controller (device responsible for controlling the motor)
  • Single throttle (top or side mounted / double throttle available for double engine set)
  • Display
  • Ignition with key
  • two (2) data cables to connect throttle and display
  • one (1) red cable to connect controller with battery
  • Battery fuse
  • Main switch
  • Propeller washer, nut and ZINC Anode
Motor mount

This system comes with basic mounting, motor is bolted and sealed directly to the flat area of the hull and is stationary (no steering). When choosing this model you need additional steering rudder.


Each order is customized for specyfic boat. We can remove a skeg from POD motor on request. We can customize motor mount, column lenght, cables lenght and more. If you have any questions or special request please feel free to contact us.

All orders are being made for specyfic vessel, therfore production time can varry depending on the request.

Weight of components1:
  • POD motor - 25 kg
  • Controller - 7 kg
  • Other - 9 kg

1The weight and size of the components may differ based on the specific order. The provided data gives an approximate measure of the overall system and its parts.

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