Lithium Battery - LiFePo4 12,8V 100Ah/100A (1280Wh)

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Up to 51,2V/400Ah (20480Wh)
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LiFePO4 12,8V 100Ah batteries with integrated BMS are characterized by very low weight and a large number of cycles (about 2000 cycles at an average of 100% of initial capacity). Thanks to high cyclicality and very low self-discharge, LiFePO4 battery is perfect for electric propulsion. Low weight allows the device to be used in installations in vehicles (campers, foodtrucks) and boats. Built-in BMS system ensures battery storage without loss of nominal capacity for a long time and controls the processes of charging and discharging the battery.

This battery can be connected in a maximum configuration of 4 series and 4 parallel connections.

Maximum battery bank: 51,2V 400Ah (20.48 kWh).

Technical specification:

Dimensions: 329mm x 172mm x 214mm

Weight: 11 kg

Cycles: 2000 (100% DOD)

Nominal voltage: 12,8V

Rated capacity: 100Ah

Max. cont. discharging current: 100A

Min. voltage: 10,8V

Max. voltage: 14,6V

Optimum voltage range: 11.2V~14.2V

Other data:

Terminal: M8

Cover material: ABS

Cells: 3.2V 100AH 4S1P

Max. charge Voltage: 14,6V ±1.2V

Discharge cut off voltage: 9,4V

Max. charge current: 75A

BMS protection:

  • Over charge
  • Over discharge
  • Over current
  • Short circuit

Operating temperature:

  • Discharging: -20 C to 60 C
  • Charging: 0 C to 45 C
  • Storage: 0 C to 45 C
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