Sealed charger (IP67) - 72V 35A (3300W)

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The Sealed Charger (IP67) is a rugged and waterproof charging unit, specifically engineered for marine environments. With a voltage rating of 72V and an amperage of 35A (3300W), it provides high-powered and efficient charging for your electric boat propulsion system.

This charger is recommended for battery banks with a nominal capacity of up to 72V 350Ah.

Technical specification:

Dimensions: 350mm x 188mm x 99mm

Weight: 6 kg


  • Voltage 170-264V ac; 45-65Hz
  • Cable: 2m × 2.5mm² (EU plug)


  • Max voltage 82,7V - 88,2V
  • Max current 35A
  • Cable: 3m × 10mm² (SB50 plug)

Other data:

  • Efficiency: > 94%
  • Power factor: > 0.99
  • Noise: <45...60 dBA
  • Temperature range: -20…45°C
  • Protection level: IP67
  • Protections: Over temperature, Reverse connection, Idle, Short circuit, auto stop, charge below 0°C (Lithium)
  • Interlock protection to prevent drive away during charging
  • CAN-bus and 12V auxiliary output
  • CE certification
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